Our Service offerings:

Application Evaluation

Completing required documentation and identifying exceptions.

Primary Source Documentation

Verify practitioner/ facility information from physicians.

Outbound Call Center

Obtaining missing documents and updating the payer's database.

Follow-up with payers

Follow-up on submitted credentialing requests.

Data Entry

Capture data, label, and link images to specific providers/ facilities in the payer's database.

Maintenance of Provider Data

Update provider information as per policies and procedures, and CAHQ profile.

We have a specialized team that conducts negotiations with insurance providers and put in the needed time and effort. Contract negotiation should be done in an appropriate way where the process of negotiation can yield favorable results. Physicians who fail to negotiate with payers or gain a clear understanding of insurance contract risks tend to present a financial blow to their medical practice.

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Advantages to Expect on Business Front

  • Top-quality & error-free billing
  • Dedicated team allotment for your customized needs
  • Structured processes to streamline right efforts at right place
  • Adherence to quality control methods and regulations
  • Quick generation of bills with real-time status reports
  • Timely billed accounts
hire Angulat Developers
  • Reduced cycle time and improved cash flow
  • Better utilization of client’s high value resources
  • Increased collection ratio of AR and enhanced reimbursements
  • Robust tools and technologies in use
  • More than 40% savings on operational costs
  • 24/7*365 availability

What Leads to our High Competence?

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What Differentiates Us from the Rest?

Industry Expertise Blended with Digital Capabilities.

Guided Business Intelligence

With guided expertise in converting raw medical data into meaningful information, we aim to leverage Healthcare Business Intelligence & Payment Systems for successful business progression.

Streamlined End-to-End Processing

We strive to enhance your Practice performance and management, helping you pinpoint financial opportunities via fast-track billing processes and collections.

Technical Competency

Our professionals become valuable resources to overcome burgeoning & complex billing challenges through their technical competence & experience working on sophisticated tools.

Thrive Through Change

We occupy deep insights into the dynamic & unique aspects of the Healthcare industry and help you eliminate the root cause of RCM & Medical Billing Problems via strategic business modifications.

Adaptable as Needed

Whether long-term or short-term, we are adaptable and adjustable to accommodate your medical billing needs, maintaining indices of transparency and flexibility.

Case Studies

No matter who we work with, Worth@Work is the business principle we follow to serve all our esteemed clients.