Viral Marketing: Campaign Strategies and Tips for 2020

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Viral Marketing: Campaign Strategies and Tips for 2020

If said to remember a few of the ads, videos, or even some personalities who went viral on the Internet before you got to know about them, I’m sure you might be able to recall many of them. 

Do you realize why your mind is still able to memorize all those visuals and people who outspread rapidly on the web?

Because they were:

  • Buzzworthy
  • Interactive
  • Youthful
  • Zesty
  • Engaging
  • Trendy
  • Uncertain
  • Appealing
  • Genial

Where brands have put their best foot forward for Super Bowl commercials, how can we not talk about Amazon’s #Before Alexa and #Alexa Loses her Voice ads, the two humorous unconventional twists which signify the importance of Alexa in our daily lives and how they have steadily become a virtual family member in many abodes.


Amazon’s worthy collaboration of jest, exaggeration, and celebrities turn out to be one of the most effective strategies that is centered towards tapping into the emotions and mood of the audience. Now we need to learn from these established brands and need to outperform in our own sphere of business being unique and unusual.

And what does that mean for us?

We need to dive into Viral Marketing!

To kick-off, let’s start with defining it in simple words:

“A type of marketing that promotes a brand’s asset on all kinds of communication channels and, thus, creates a chain that helps expand the reach of the message.”

Today, the right mix of content, embracing fun, value, motive, and message needs to be portrayed with brand confidence in front of the audience to make your offers, products, and services visible in the public eyes, i.e. Viral.

Traffic is one of the most crucial words when we talk about Internet marketing and if you decide to create a good plan, a momentous strategy, and take triggering action, you can get your brand Viral and generate, unexpectedly, tremendous amounts of traffic and visits to your website.

“Viral Marketing not only is bound to bring web traffic, but it also derives excellent benefits in brand promotion as the product/service is advertised and exposed to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of Internet users.”

The Common Coefficients of Viral Marketing Campaigns

The viral campaigns even though have a similar intent but their message and content vary from business to business. Well, even though every business runs a different campaign but it is crucial for every campaign to possess the following crucial elements to create that buzzing buzz.


Content spreads organically and this is what forms the basis of viral marketing as well. Whether something gets shared, liked, praised, or viral, all in all, it is the ultimate decision made by our digital gods, the audiences, (users, customers, clients, buyers, etc.)

Thus, marketers need to build worthy memes, ads, stories, and more that possess valuable content for sharing on the social grounds.


Viral marketing seems easy, but in reality, it's not. The phenomenon involves inherent risks when it comes to executing viral marketing strategies, tactics, and campaigns. I think here we can remember Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad which is seen as a controversial ad of 2017 where the big brand Pepsi ultimately had to pull down its campaign and content which was not intended as it seems to be. 

Undoubtedly, your business has to play safe from not bearing severe consequences (as major as surging riots) but you have to take the risk to be out of the box and grab the attention of the public.


Indeed, viral marketing campaigns tend to leave a great impression on the masses, which persists for long, if done right at all the right time. 

Trends change frequently. The hot topic of today will become a trivial topic that hardly a few might remember in the years ahead. Do you think amid the era of COVID-19, does anybody parodies Gangnam Style?

So with your brand campaigns, you must be practicing innovation with the passing time to align yourself well with ever-evolving trends of social media marketing for you to stick into the competitive game firmly. 


We all know that the active audience on the web is short on time and, furthermore, have pretty short attention spans. The busy Internet audience always looks out for something extraordinary and halts to hook themselves with the content which is intriguing, piquing, and that which is never seen before. 

Viral pieces of ads, images, memes, or stories are something that people notice even if they’re busy and stop everything to watch.

Thus, businesses need to go the extra mile, be genial, and socially confident with their viral campaign to be accepted and adored in a pleasant manner.


Viral campaigns can achieve the motive in many ways and one of the crucial ways is being emotional and connecting to the hearts of the folks. Being awe-inspiring, funny, or providing heartfelt messages.

“Make your content the talk of the town by making it sizzling, punchy, emotional, and hard-hitting!”

The Web and its channels are flooded with Ads, Videos, and Memes but we, as a general audience, enjoy and are clasped by the content that astonishingly has that X-factor in it that appeals to us in more of an emotional way.

Whether it is categorized under happiness, sadness, touching, or any other emotional expression, people will likely be connected with that form of business campaign, thereby, giving it multitudinal votes, likes, and shares.

A famous quote that can relate it well:

“Where there are sufficient details and authentic emotions in the tale the listener or reader is able to connect to a story easily and brands can use this device to make people understand how their products add value to their lives.”

-Joydeep Bhattacharya

Internet’s Viral Marketing Strategies of 2020

Strategies, mostly include time and money and the effective ones pay you off well if they are designed and crafted as per the right business need at the righteous of the time. Realistically, viral marketing is a series of tools and techniques that all work together to deliver the expected outcomes. 

They are not isolated or individual strategies that are used once and then move on to the next, nevertheless, they form a fundamental system that helps each other and offers different functions so that the campaign can be a success. (not only once, but many times with some modifications needed as and when)

#Video Marketing

Videos are an excellent way to create and share content on the Internet that, in addition to everything, is entertaining, fun, and really manages to connect with a certain type of audience. 


There have been many viral videos on the Internet that gained traction of thousands and millions with ever-increasing user visits on all types of visuals that relate to different industries and topics.


Without a doubt, the king of platforms to upload all forms of videos on the Internet is YouTube, the second largest search engine after Google. With 30K hours of video uploaded per hour and 720K hours of video uploaded every day, one can imagine the exponent at which this repository of visual data is ballooning.

One can upload videos of all types and formats to start receiving visits. YouTube works very well if you are going to create a channel with several videos and then promote your brand. You can also use this platform to insert videos on your website or blog but I would recommend using other modes.

If you want the main piece of your viral marketing to be a capture page where there is an embedded video and more related information, you can use Vimeo so that it can be played directly to your page where the readers do not have to go to the URL of the video to be able t see it.

A Few Video Marketing Tips

#Entertaining Videos

The more humor the video possesses, the more likely it is to be viewed, liked, and shared. Nobody is willing to invest their valuable time in boring videos that are soulless.

#Correct Duration

Videos must never be long unless they are educational ones or are giving a tutorial lesson. But mind it that too short videos, missing their heart will also not survive in the race. So find a good balance and a suitable duration for your highly forged videos which clearly convey your message to the public.

#Quality over Quantity

Quality is the preferred choice when kept against quantity where it would be better to post one exceptional and excellent than to publish 5 unexciting ones. It's better to invest time and effort in one full-fledged video, instead of wasting time on others which won’t offer any value neither to your business nor to the viewers.

“Videos are a mainstay of Viral Marketing as they represent a higher level of integration with users.” 

One can learn a lot from Blendtec Blender who makes perfect use of videos to run their marketing campaigns which have always been a win-win for the company. Blendtec carries out some of the most successful viral marketing campaigns. 

Empowering video marketing, they demonstrate the strengths of the products (especially Total Blender), where Tom Dickson, the founder of the company blends different products of all kinds, from food to electronics to toys.

Their channel has more than 700,000 subscribers and their videos have generated around 300,000 views which skyrocketed the company’s branding and sales of the blender. 

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#Social Networks

If video is the form of interaction with the users on the Internet, social networks work so that the videos are shared throughout the possible social media channels to have a significant impact and influence on the global audience.

The success of viral marketing campaigns over the web depends largely on how much they are shared on Facebook and Twitter, the two main titans of social media.


The largest and most popular social media network offers different tools that you can take advantage of in your viral marketing strategy:

  • Fan page

The more likes you have, the more market penetration and interaction there will be when you publish content. You always have to be in touch with your audience and share relevant, useful, and worth reading content.

  • Facebook Ads

Facebook’s advertising system works to grow and succeed with your fan page and also to send traffic to your website. In viral marketing, it can be useful to give a good initial boost to your campaign and gradually lower the budget as it is naturally shared by users.

Take advantage of all the potential that Facebook offers so that your campaign receives an enhanced number of comments, feedback, visits, and subscribers.

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Twitter is the next significant social media source for accomplishing fruitful results out of viral marketing since it consists of small 140 character messages that are shared in a matter of a click and work perfectly to send traffic to any website.

A simple retweet of some users who have high indexed influence and a good number of followers can be the difference between whether the campaign is a success or a failure. Now imagine 10, 20, 30 retweets from such types of users.


Although it is a much more specific social network focussed on the labor and professional field, LinkedIn can be very useful to create alliances, meet contacts and make your message endorsed by users of experience and authority.

More than a viral marketing channel (which in a way it is), I see Linkedin as an accelerator and a place to create good relationships in your niche.

Creating groups and sharing links there can be a good option to have traffic.

A Few Social Media Tips 

-Do not abandon your fans or followers. Whether on Facebook or Twitter, it is always important to have constant communication with your audience. Stopping publishing for a few days or weeks completely disengages users of your brand and your products.

-Build relationships. As we have seen, meeting people with influence in your niche or industry is important and necessary.

-Original, genuine, and fun content.

-Take care of copywriting. What you write in your posts can attract attention and clicks or pretend they don't exist and have never been published.

Viral Marketing: The Opportunity is for Everyone

We must also be aware that viral marketing can have a negative effect if it is done in the wrong way. The message (regardless of its content) has the potential to be shared by thousands and millions of people, which generates different opinions and results, is why we must be careful and plan the campaign well.