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Urgent Care Clinic

Urgent care clinics, also known as UCCs, are basically a type of walk-in clinic that offers patients different kinds of medical treatments that they otherwise can receive from the Emergency Room (ER). UCCs are not exactly hospitals, but their services have made them ideal alternatives to healthcare clinics. It can be said that UCCs are expert urgent health care clinics or medical facilities that primarily focuses on delivering ambulatory care. They offer immediate care and treat all types of injuries.

With time, UCCs are gaining more popularity and expanding across the world. In fact, a few previous studies show that people prefer to visit UCCs over hospitals when it comes to general check-up in Alabama. There is a lack of sufficient space and qualified doctors to provide health care services to people on time. That is the reason why these local urgent healthcare clinics are now helping in fixing that issue. So, if you have an emergency and need urgent treatment, you can always visit your nearest urgent healthcare facility and avoid long queues of appointments. Let's have a look at some benefits of choosing UCCs instead of a hospital.

Understanding the benefits of UCCs:

1.Super flexible hours

One of the best things about UCCs is that they are quite flexible in terms of timing. Generally, they offer services from early morning till late evening. However, some centers operate for 24x7 hours as well. You can even visit the centers during weekends. Well, this is a unique perk. Why? It’s because the number of youngsters getting drunk and running into accidents is much higher during weekends.

2.UCCs are quite easy to locate

It’s very easy to look for a UCC that’s close to your area. Just search for one on the internet, and you will be surprised to see the results. Rather than waiting for hours for an ambulance, you can just visit your nearest UCC even if the condition isn’t that serious and get the necessary treatment. You will receive all the facilities just like how it is at a hospital.

3. No need to make an appointment

Unlike regular clinics or hospitals, to get treatments from UCCs, you don’t need to book an appointment with the doctor. It is a walk-in medical center, and you can visit it anytime if you wish to meet a doctor. No matter what the time is, you will find someone to meet you at a UCC.

4.Faster services

In urgent care clinics, you will always get quick healthcare services. They save you from long, irritating waiting time. At urgent care facilities, people receive treatment in less than 20 minutes while at hospitals, you will have to wait for your number to come. Thus, the process is really time-saving. This is also a significant reason why UCCs are also considered as the best healthcare clinics.


You don’t have to worry about your budget if you choose a UCC over a hospital. You will find the service cost much lesser than the amount you pay for health care services at an ER or hospital. Moreover, if you visit the UCCs, you don’t necessarily require any health insurance. It is because of these reasons that urgent care clinics are beneficial for people who belong to the low-income group or a person who needs treatment on a daily basis. 

6.All facilities/services provided are good

Don’t think that urgent care clinics are not good in terms of facilities. Well, with time, they have improved their healthcare service standards. The centers come equipped with all the required medical equipment. For example, MRI scanning machine. X-ray machine, therapy machine, and more. However, you may not find all the ER (Emergency Room) equipment at a UCC. Besides, they can carry out all types of tests, from Sexually transmitted diseases tests to routine check-ups, and cure the basic health issues. Thus, you can always trust an urgent care clinic to get faster and healthcare services.

However, to enjoy the maximum benefits, you will have to choose a top urgent healthcare service provider. Urgent medical conditions can arise at any time without any notice, and in such cases, it will be right for you to know in advance the UCC you can visit according to your calendar/schedule. Here are some tips that can help you find the right UCC.

Tips to keep in mind while evaluating an ideal urgent care clinic:

1.Ability to book your appointments

Most of the urgent care clinics follow the walk-in approach. That means there is no need for you to book an appointment to receive treatment. However, with time, the number of footfalls in UCC’s has increased a lot. Hence, you should look for a UCC that accepts advance appointments. This way, you will be able to ensure that you can visit the clinic as per your reserved time and get the treatment done. It’s best to choose a clinic that offers an online appointment booking facility.

2.Insurance coverage

Don’t just assume that all the Urgent Care Clinics will accept health insurance coverage.  Urgent health care clinics, in general, are a little more cost-effective. But what if the given UCC doesn’t accept healthcare insurance? In such a case, you will end up with a costly bill. Hence, to avoid a situation like this from occurring, confirm with the clinic first and make sure that it has partnered with a health insurance service provider to cover your health insurance.

3.Consider the location of the UCC’s

With time, the number of urgent care clinics is growing rapidly. This has made getting convenient healthcare services a reality for all. But before choosing an urgent care clinic, make sure that the clinic is located close to your location. It will not be possible for you to drive several miles to get treatment. Just because one of your friends is going there, it doesn’t mean that the UCC is better for your requirements as well. There can be another UCC located at a closer distance to your house. So, always prefer to choose a nearby UCC.

4.Services or treatments offered by the UCC’s

In general, most of the UCC’s will provide you with different types of health care services. But there is no guarantee that all UCC’s are able to offer all the much-required services. Some centers may lack a few specialties like Laboratory services, paediatric services, X-rays, prescription dispensation, and more. So, before choosing one, you need to make sure that the facility is equipped with all the modern equipment to offer you the services that you are looking for. Besides, you need to also make sure that the center has all the necessary healthcare providers such as paediatricians, nurse practitioners, lab technicians, physicians, and physician assistants.

5.UCC’s operation hours

UCCs are famous for offering the most convenient medical treatments during times when other clinics may not be able to provide them. However, it is essential to consider that not all the UCCs operate for 24x7 hours. Some work for 8 to 10 hours. So, while choosing UCC, check its hours of operation. It is advisable to go for an urgent care clinic that operates 24x7. This way, you can ensure that no matter what the time is, the center will be able to accommodate you when you urgently require treatments.

Hence, by considering the above stated facts and tips, you will be able to find the right UCCs for your healthcare needs. Always choose the best for the best treatment.