Proven Ways to Derive more Customers through Content Marketing

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“Content Marketing in 2020 holds its major focus on the audience.”

Content Marketing is an old concept but has transitioned to enormous new approaches to attract and convince prospects to become customers, ever since ages. 

Content, information, narratives were and are extant, nevertheless, there stands a myth that Content Marketing doesn’t derive Sales. 

Fanatics usually raise questions about how a piece of content can bring potential customers/clients to the doorstep? How can a blog post convince prospects/leads to try a brand or a business service?

Well, it all becomes possible with the Power of Content and the Mode of Content Propagation!

By this, I want to incline the attention towards Content Marketing efforts and Social Media networks. 

Higher Engagements. Organic Traffic. Enhanced Conversions. More Click-Through Rates.

Every business owner desires for these theoretical terms to get practical results, and certainly, enriched and personalized content comes up to the expectation. 

Some of the leading and unlimited benefits covered are:

  • Better brand recall and recognition
  • Distinguished identity 
  • Increased brand loyalty
  • Persuasive communication
  • Timely, bold, and relevant interaction
  • Improved retention rates
  • Better response and laddered conversions
  • Promote actionable narratives


But to make the maximum advantage out of this effective digital marketing strategy, the catch is to understand the ‘How’ interrogative of crafting the perfect form of the content piece.

So let’s just fire the bullet on the proven ways that help to master the art of writing ideal content that turns clicks to customers.

“Create Value, Give Value & Get Value!”

#Add a Touch of Empathy & Emotions

Whenever we are happy or excited, we are engaged!

And this is what your content must be able to perform, i.e. to arouse readers to make a purchase action. One must note that different emotions can lead to different respective outcomes which has an instrumental impact in forming a particular image of your brand.

“If your sales team doesn’t intimately understand your customers’ lives, how can you expect them to explain how your products or services fit their lives?”

-- Maria Ross

Here the need is to pivot points working on customer personas and use them as a springboard for generating empathetic content ideas. Customer personas are the fictional traits that embody customer’s characteristics and can aid in providing deep insights into a customer’s emotional, mental, and physical needs. 

“Create content that answers customer’s queries with information they can trust.”

Adding empathy to your content could also be driven by using topics and keywords to learn and identify what customers are curious about and embedding emotional words and images to get customer’s attention.

#Craft it for Humans, not Machines

Your customers are humans, not robots, so one must need to develop content that humans want. 

Machines or devices can simply act as modes of presenting your information/content to people, however, understanding and knowing the intent of the customer is a primary task prior to creating promotional or non-promotional content.

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#Optimize & Personalize Content

“Personalized Content offers great value!”

Users want to feel heard and identified with the brands they are associated with and expect something new and rational every time they get connected with them. 

Optimized content is content that is free from extra and non-useful information that probably triggers the users to stop reading and switching it to another source of gaining the relevant data.

Personalized content is an assortment that is most suitable for a visitor, user, client, or customer as per analytics made on its segmented data and demographics.

Segmentation of the audience allows forging a refined content strategy that can help make relevant offers to the target audience. How? It’s because personalized content is what is exactly needed by the user.

Such type of content supports a business to play ahead of the curve:

  • By building long-term relationships
  • By keeping the potential to change behavior
  • By guiding the customer through the sales funnel

Careful segmentation of content from inception can gradually strengthen engagements and relationships and can convince potential customers to link up and build trust with a brand.

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#Create but much Importantly Curate Content

Creating content is a feasible task that can be done by anyone but curating content is no less than skill. 

Simply put, content curation is the process of collecting relevant and valuable information related to a particular topic/area of interest and, thus, presenting the best pieces in a structured way.

“Leading marketers use a mixture of 65% created content and 25% curated content.”

Consumers and customers are hyper-connected and aware today. Multiple devices, sources, and channels are used by them to get access to an avalanche of information in real-time. As proven by maximum marketers, curated content can increase:

  • Brand visibility
  • Web traffic
  • Buyer’s engagement
  • Thought leadership
  • SEO activities
  • Count of sales-ready leads

Content plays such a decisive and climacteric role that nearly 70% of the buyer’s journey is completed without the need for sales involvement. Highly engaging and unique content is created and curated that promotes a business’s offerings, hitting the human brain at the right place at the right time.


#Leverage User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content?

It is the content created and published voluntarily by users on digital platforms, directed to a specific brand, generally without asking for anything in return. Users can be a client, a follower, or a visitor to your webspace.

UGC can be presented in different formats such as comments, posts, videos, testimonials, podcasts, infographics, and many among others. It is a very powerful data source for a company or a brand as this content is the direct testimonial of one of its consumers. 

User-generated content curation extracts what gives this content value to the brand and consumers. For what purpose? To improve, grow, and strengthen the brand and the consumer that cannot exist independently.

So content marketers have a gold mine in user-generated content as it is a free mode of content marketing that boosts business sales. In addition, when consumers and followers are trusted, brands evolve in a more effective way.

Likewise, with this boost, content creators can achieve a high level of organicity and value in their texts.

Therefore, user-generated content represents a powerful asset for any content marketing strategy where different users, consumers, and visitors are willing to chat and share their impressions of our brands in the online world.

Content has always been a solid scaffold and will remain the king of marketing while generating business sales. So try out these exclusive ways to contact and connect with them closely to better understand what they desire and want to express.

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