PPC: Reactivate Your Campaigns with Effective & Measurable Ways

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Reactivate Your Campaigns

In the year 2020, many companies were blown away by the tragic wave brought up by the deadly coronavirus which not impacted the health of a human but trembled his whole world. All walks of life and all spheres of work were highly overly influenced by the unprecedented times seen this year.

The domain of digital marketing was no exception!

Many advertisers, totally or partially, stopped their campaigns trying to see how the situation evolved, what impression it’s putting on business, and how to consider reforming the strategies and campaigns.

When the talk is about PPC, the best strategy for a PPC campaign depends on your sector, in general, and the situation of your company in particular.

This article embeds quality content that from now will put light on how to continue as before, prioritize profits, and build a new normal at a progressing pace.

Effective Ideas & Techniques to Reform your PPC Campaigns

Continue your PPC Campaigns while Tracking Everything

Enterprises who have put a halt to their running marketing campaigns should follow a resilient business approach towards getting connected with the customers and capturing their mindful intent at the time of this unavoidable scenario of crisis.

Many among you might have suffered from some negative consequences of the prevailing circumstances, thus, to get back to the pavilion, initiate with correct tracking and analytics, and updating a few things to acquire some quantifiable results out of your advertising campaigns.

-Hunt for appropriate keywords for Google Adwords and use Google analytics at its best, relevant to your business, and that relates well with the ongoing hard times.

-Track all the activities accurately and spend the necessary time to get your campaign performing.


-Update your Messages

Take your business towards launching a new engaging approach via convincing and compelling messages, like:

“You have managed to get ahead, now it's time to sign up/buy/discover.”

Of course, it is very important to be sensitive and respectful.

-Update your Bids

Being aware of the hefty and daunting situation, expect a lot of uncertainty in CPCs (cost per clicks). 

Be mindful of the fact that the game might change within the blink of an eye, so pay close heed to the account’s performance and adjust bids accordingly.

Even if your competitor has not returned yet, do not review them as it's a good time to keep your bids high and improve your quality score.

-Check Your Budget

One of the most effective and workable techniques to sort financial hues is to be Budget-Ready as its very likely that you will have to invest more at specific times, either due to hike in CPCs or the reactivation of the economy may cause a peak in demand.

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-Invest in Remarketing

If your business model is based on repeat purchases, it’s time to bet on consumers who already know you through remarketing lists. Your old customers will convert at a much higher percentage and more frequently, and will give your results a boost.

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Raise Investment in your PPC Campaigns

This is a lifesaver for companies that need to get good results soon, as they have been badly affected by the lockdown. This may be the case of many travels, real estate, or hospitality companies. 

Undoubtedly, investing now is risky, but probably it may be the only way to convert quickly and recover. If you decide on this strategy, read the following tips:

-Invest in Brand Keywords

Unless your brand is well known this strategy is usually very worth it. Branded keywords are cheap and the ones with the highest conversion rates, so they must be a priority right now.

-Restructure Ad Groups

Fo your ads to have the best possible results, and thus maximized conversions, you have to achieve a clear fit between keywords and ads. One way to do this is to create multiple ad groups, with few keywords each and closely related to each other.

-Ask yourself your Copies

This is the crucial capturing time that doesn’t ask to put generic text in your ads. Copies have to be created and curated specifically for each ad group, make the benefits very clear and call the user to action.

-Segment your Ads

If you are spending a lot of budgets, you may want to go for some high-volume short-tail words. But for this strategy to work, you have to only target the right users, therefore, it is time to make use of the personalized audience functions in your PPC campaigns. 

Prioritize the Benefits of PPC Campaigns

This technique is favorable for companies that are in an intermediate situation, that is, they have had certain difficulties during the quarantine and are not in a position to make large investments, but they aren’t in a critical situation.

Thus, you can consider activating your PPC campaigns gradually and strategically, starting with those that produce the most short-term benefits. 


Take a rundown at the steps:

#1 Maximize your investment in Branded Keywords as they have the lowest cost per click and the highest conversion rates.

#2 Invest in keywords that have a high purchase intention, that is, those that are at the bottom of the conversion funnel. Generally, these words tend to be long tail.

Depending upon your budget, you may start by combining these words with audience segments to be even more specific.

#3 After a few weeks, start running ads targeting keywords in the middle of the funnel and audience segments most likely to convert. If ROI is evolving favorably, you may want to target them to the general public after a few weeks.

#4 If all the previous steps have gone well it is time to start investing in ‘short-tail’ words from the top of the funnel. As always, apply audience segments whenever necessary.

As you may have observed, segmentation plays a vital role in this strategy.

In addition to using remarketing lists, I recommend that you analyze the performance of your ads based on devices, times of day, days of the week, and locations.

Tips that Work in All Type Strategies

  • Consumers at the moment are concerned about the economic downturn right now, so this is a good time for discount-based campaigns.
  • Although the sense of urgency is a principle that usually works well in PPC campaigns, it is not a good time to launch countdown ads or landing pages.
  • If you use the display network to show your ads, be very careful with the locations where they will be shown. Now more than ever, an unfortunate combination of ads and pages can be a blow to your campaign.