Mobile App Marketing Strategies 2020

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Mobile App Marketing Strategies

With millions of mobile apps deluged in the App Store and Google Store, it’s amazing and surprising(at the same time) to wonder about the app world which is expanding universally at a rigorous fast pace.

As Google takes into account the information from mobile applications in its search results, more and more brands jump on the bandwagon of creating their own applications. 

In order for your brand to benefit from this marketing trend, you not only need to create the best possible application, you also have to know how to attract and hook the attention of the potential audience towards your app so that they become loyal users.

No business builds an app or its series just for the sake of having it, with the mushrooming competition in the mobile app industry, an app’s importance has been significantly recognized where companies have accepted it to be an essential part of an online business.

Here arises the need to assess how we market our app!

Without any traces of doubt, customers prefer to shop and interact with brands in a mobile environment. And if a business lags behind in the mobile game, then customers seek a more intuitive mobile shopping experience with one of your competitors.

Why do you need an App Marketing Strategy?

If you create a fantastic app, users will come by themselves...right? Error.

Although word of mouth marketing is a fantastic channel, you cannot bet at it alone. The app industry is extremely competitive and just like you there are tons of developers launching apps everyday and all are experiencing varying levels of success.

Without a constructive application marketing strategy, your application will most likely go unnoticed among the more than one million apps in the Play Store/App Store for almost every category.

Ever since Apple introduced the “Best New Updates” section that improves the chances of users discovering an app at the initial launch,it is considered good news for developers but still the need for having a strong marketing and distribution strategy in place cannot be underestimated.

There is a need to find a balance between the resources dedicated to the development process and marketing of your application for your app to reach customers and be sustainable in the long term.

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How to Create Expectation before the Launch of the App?

An effective app marketing strategy begins long before launch…

In fact, you can start four to six months early where the goal is to create expectations and develop a user base interested in your mobile app. Here are some ideas to get you app’s success streamlined:

#Develop your App’s Landing Page

The Landing page of an app will act as a first impression of your business and the products/services it offers. It can basically act as a showroom for your app where users can roam (i.e.navigate) around and get to know all about your offerings.

But make sure to keep it simple, clean, appealing, and user-friendly and works seamlessly across all browsers.

You need not design an entire website for your application before launching it, but you simply need to have a ‘base of operations’ with an online structure that explains it to the users about your app, attracts their interest and convince them to show up when your app goes live.

A landing page can fulfill this purpose where you can bet on visuals to make it attractive and compelling at the same time.

#Make App Profiles on Social Media

Before the app is released you can make accounts on various social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and add their buttons on the landing page itself. 

You can use these social networks to fuel the suspense, organize quizzes/contests, and even can offer promotions in advance. Here you must be strategic with your content to maintain interest and attention during the months prior to launch.

Nota Bene (NB):

[Social Media presence of the app must continue even after release to boost its visibility. There is a dire need to maintain user engagement for initiating conversations, expecting conversions and, thus, building long lasting relations]

#Involve Users in Development

You can also inform your potential users of the existence of your app as soon as possible and involve them in the development of it from the beginning. The idea is to gradually create your own beta tester community. Not only will they give you invaluable feedback, but they will also become your truest fans.

#Launch a Note of Pre-Launch Press

Press releases are still an effective way to attract media attention. To set yourself from the competition, focus on writing PR before the app release that concentrates not on the What of your application but on the Why.

Let the public know in advance what they can expect from your business and that you are working hard on new features and exceptional functionality. 

Nota Bene (NB):

[Press releases can also be carried out after your app’s release in the market where you can comprehensively guide them about the What, Why, When, Which and How of your application.]

How to Maintain the Interest After Launch?

Congratulations! As your app is already on the market.

If you would have followed the previous crucial steps, the user base that you created would have served to give you a good initial boost. Now the challenge for your app marketing strategies is to maintain and grow your user base over time.

Take Care of the First Impression!

The retention ratio of an app depends on many factors, but the first impression is essential. Getting a user to install your app is only half the battle. The first few seconds after opening it for the first time actually decides whether to become a fan or delete it and look for other interesting options offered by the competitors.

#Get your App Reviewed & Rated

Checking reviews, feedback, and ratings have become a norm of the users before they make any purchase and research to see what others have experienced with the brand and its products.

Apps are no different and witness the same scenario. So give your users freedom to rate you in the most intriguing way possible and make it super easy for them to write a feedback as swift as a rating prompt.

Reading and responding to reviews is a good practice and a useful source to acquire insights into user’s intent while showcasing other potential users that you’re listening and concerned.

#Optimize For App Stores

As a website's optimization matters for indexing its high ranking, likewise, an app's listing is also a critical aspect in building a strong presence of your application and optimizing it to appear on the top position in the search results in application stores. (App Store/Play Store)

App Store Optimization ensures that your app meets the app store ranking criteria and positions well on the search results page and is an effective way to exercise Mobile App SEO and helps you to stand out of the crowd of millions of active applications. 

#Visually Arrest your Audience with Sneak Peeks

Videos being the most popular and interesting form of content, certainly keep the potential to grab a large net of audience, acquainting them with all the new and exceptional features of your app in an entertaining and most engaging way possible.


There are different types of videos serving different purposes, choose the one that suits you the best and that stands for explaining your brand/product and the problem it solves or upheavals it halts.

#Speed Up Blogging & Start Guest Posts

To enhance the online presence of your highly designed website and drive traffic over its landing page, one must blog regularly as blogs are known to acquire 126% more business leads. 

Blog content can be promoted in different ways like distributing it in newsletters, can be repurposed and posted on social media channels or can be featured as a downloadable resource on the landing page.

Aware your audience about the Goods and Essentials of your app in order to build their interest around it. Also, don’t miss to share your industry experience by guest posting on influential blogs.

Informative and useful content helps bolster their website and in return you get to share your app with a new audience that increases the prospects of strengthening your SEO. 

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#Encourage Cross-Promotions & Giveaways

Cross-exchange is another good way to promote apps via ad exchange where you allow another app to advertise within your app and in lieu they do the same for you. This encourages the generation of new installs and raises the level of app download index.

Next, free trials and giveaways are tricky but useful methods to increase the chances of user appreciation for engaging with your app. Promo codes can help you here.

Others Significant Aspects to Focus On:

-Communicate with your Users

A Google study says,  the major reasons why users delete/remove an application is lack of interest, changes in usage habits or simply they no longer find it useful. 

To avoid them making this aggressive move, keep in touch with your users to know their preferences and intent.