Live Streaming Videos: What they Hold for Businesses Today?

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Live Streaming Videos

Video is the format that currently generates the most interaction and consumption both on social networks and on websites and from all types of devices, being mainly consumed from mobile devices.

The type of video trending in today’s era with highest witnessed growth is the Live Video in vertical and short format, since it is more transparent, humane, timely and relevant for many users, and its success stories range from the transmission of sporting events, political debates, statements or others that are later broadcast on-demand and distributed in different digital media.

The Video Increase

More and more users are consuming many different formats of video for which the credit goes to the experience generated by being able to see and experience more and better content quickly and easily.

Thanks to:

  • Ease of recording from smartphones and simplified platforms 
  • New live broadcast alternatives for traditional media (radio, TV, Press)
  • Low storage costs by integrating with open platforms and social networks 
  • Better internet connections
  • Format optimization for devices and connections
  • Greater interaction


It’s amazing, and surprising at the same moment, to know that amid the coronavirus pandemic, video communication was leaping tools and saw a huge jump in their usage which simply signifies how much vitality videos and its realm occupy in today’s era. 

People love video content which forms a strong base for video marketing and defines that videos are going nowhere anytime soon. 

Marketers must understand that video is a highly effective and evocative form of content that has successfully paved the path for video streaming which has rapidly become a user’s favorite and preferred choice to see a brand on social media.


Ensuring to use the latest techniques or focusing on the right areas can help businesses to witness remarkable returns from video content.  

Popular Live Streaming Platforms of Social Media Networks


Listed below are some well-known platforms that exist which can be sorted as the best fit for your brand and strategy. Take a rundown:

#1 Facebook Live 

Do you know?

Facebook acquires the count of 2.7 billion monthly active users, making it the biggest social network around the globe.

Number of monthly active Facebook users worldwide as of 2nd quarter 2020 (in millions)


Since the launch of Facebook Live, the platform has jumped into the live stream bandwagon as the most popular social network in the video. The greatest advantage to receive from the platform is its user base. 

Facebook gives you the opportunity to access people with all kinds of profiles and if you have been building your community over the last few years, you have a great starting point to make a head-start. 

Facebook Live offers a smooth user experience along with a wealth of analytics and engagement data. In addition, live videos are fully integrated into the breaking news section and occupy a privileged position while they are being broadcast.

Live Streams on Facebook Live can be watched on the web as well as via official and handy Facebook app where it's really easy to add filters and text in the live broadcast feed. 

Without any traces of doubt, it is a great option for brands of all kinds.

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#2 Twitter Live Stream

Twitter joined the bandwagon by inviting users to broadcast with the hashtag #GoLive. With the help of Periscope, Twitter makes live streaming fully integrated into the platform. Like tweets, videos on Twitter are easily re-shareable which gives great possibilities to increase interaction and virality.

Although Facebook is leading the way, thanks to its large user base and the effort they have made to promote the platform. Like tweets, Videos on Twitter are easily re-shareable, which gives great possibilities to boost interactivity and virality.

Although Facebook is leading the way, thanks to the large user base and the effort they have made to promote the platform. 

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#3 Instagram Live Stories

Instagram in its initial days/months of launching live streaming it didn’t go as much noticeable; however, with time it gained traction and now occupies a great opportunity for brands that want to establish a recognizable presence on this popular social network.

Presently, the Live Stories feature comes baked as default on downloading the application which is prosperously lightweight too. To broadcast a live video on Instagram just swipe right and tap on the ‘Live’ option. You can also like and comment on your friend’s live streams while watching a broadcast.

Opportunities for Brands

Since the inception of the new kinds of video formats being used by brands and businesses, there has been a striking change in the domain of marketing wherein 2017, 63% of the businesses used video as a content format, implying a growth of 2% compared to the previous year.

With the ability to reach 1.71billion monthly active users on Facebook Live alone, there is absolutely no good reason to avoid using live video to promote your business. 

Live Streaming helps brands connect with their audience on a human level. It also helps people to participate in the storytelling of brands in ways that can enhance the customer experience. You can use live video streaming and deliver content to your users in innovative ways. 

So let’s know some useful to know how your company can benefit from live video

There are some good practices to deliver the best live videos that will help you increase your brand community and your traffic and that will grow your business. 

# Attractive Content

Live videos are preferable to written or static visual content. 

“80% of people prefer to watch live videos of a brand than read a blog and 82% prefer live videos of a brand to social posts.”

Live streaming brings a sense of excitement to viewers compared to other content which allows enterprises to increase their presence on the web.

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# Reach

Live Videos can reach millions of users around the world which leads to creating better brand awareness. It allows you to broadcast an event and content, live to a wider audience since there are no geographical or physical restrictions.

In addition, you can get in touch with more people to increase your brand awareness and inform them about your products and services.

# Relations with Client

Live videos ensure a better relationship with your customers. Since they can interact with you in real-time which brings trust and loyalty.

Live streaming, unlike pre-recorded videos, gives you the opportunity to connect with your audience in a personal way which will allow them to interact with you without problems. It is a good way to humanize your brand.

# Transparency

With live videos, you can inform your customers about your company culture. You can share moments with them and encourage them to interact with you during the live broadcast. This not only allows you to improve your bond with them but also helps to maintain transparency.

# Conversions

Video streaming can allow you to give live demos of your products.  Instead of giving details about how your products and services work, you can directly show that to your potential customers.

This increases the chances of converting your leads into paying customers, offering an advantage over your competitors. More than  70% of marketers say that video works better than other content to increase conversions.

Innovative content from live videos keeps the heavy potential to generate more income by publishing sponsored content on your websites and social networks.

Key Takeaways

Videos are helping people and businesses and brands to become stars in 2020, even after struggling through the tough times. 

Live Streaming and many other forms of video content have aided companies to build brand value while giving the audience original content. 

From long format full-fledged movies to snackable fresh content, available near at hand within seconds gives open-end opportunities to marketers to reap benefits from live streaming videos, implementing effective video marketing strategies to capture the intent of the target audience.

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