How To Leverage Hashtags For Marketing?

Social media has become the epicenter of marketing & communications for brands in recent times as the popularity has been rising among the audiences. Factually, there are more than 3 billion active social media users globally and for businesses, it is a marketplace to promote their brands. For promotions, brands use various social media elements & tactics and one such element is the use of Hashtags.

Hashtags have been in existence for a long time now and they are being leveraged both by brands and social audiences to satisfy their purposes. Let’s get a deeper understanding of what hashtags can do for marketing & how they can do it.

What Are Hashtags?

A Hashtag is basically a keyword or phrase prefixed with the “#” sign that brands or users attach to the pieces of content they share, access, & explore on social media platforms.

The purpose of a hashtag is that it enhances the discoverability of the content, provides a category to the content, and much more that benefits the content to reach a great audience. Though the concept of hashtags for brand promotion is successful; however, one must not forget to optimize their social media marketing strategy for a holistic expansion of your brand’s online visibility.

“Use Hashtags but don’t Overuse them!”

Importance Of Hashtags For Marketing

1. Generate Buzz About Brand

The foremost goal of any marketing campaign is to generate buzz about the brand and its products and hashtags are a perfect way to do so. Just creating your brand hashtag can add it to your social media campaigns.

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The rest will be done by the users. As more and more consumers will come across the campaign and use the hashtags to engage with the campaign, it will magnify the buzz about your brand.

2. Enhance Reach & Discoverability

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The broader your campaign reach is, the more brand awareness & engagement it will create for your brand. The primary benefit of hashtags is that they enhance the visibility & discoverability of the content.

So, the use of hashtags will provide a broader reach, exposure, and awareness for your campaigns. And enhanced reach and discoverability will ensure better engagement.

3. Better Engagement Opportunities


Hashtags provide easy & simple engagement opportunities for the users where they can access & engage with any campaign from anywhere globally without any limitations, unlike the offline environment.

People from remote locations can take part in live events, social media marketing campaigns, share their views, etc. This will result in increased engagement for your campaigns.

4. User-Generated Content Creation

The best part about hashtags in marketing is that it helps in the valuable user-generated content creation around your campaign and the brand as the consumers engage with your campaign.

UGC is known to be the most authentic, reliable, & trustworthy form of content thus you can collect all the relevant & useful UGC and leverage it in your future marketing campaigns to drive results.

5. Ultimately Drive Conversions & Revenue

All the benefits that we discussed above about the use of hashtags in marketing like increased user engagement, building trust & authenticity, UGC creation, etc. lead to increased revenue.

When you will have more buzz, reach, and engagement, it will guide the users to move ahead in the purchase journey ultimately leading to rising sales & conversions along with brand growth.

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How To Leverage Hashtags For Marketing?

1. Create Your Unique Brand Hashtag

Talking about hashtags, the first course of action should be to create your own brand hashtags or campaign hashtags so that it can help you stay distinctive from the other hashtags.

#ShareACoke or #GoPro or #ShotOniPhone are some of the popular branded hashtags that you can see for an example. Your hashtag will make it easier for the users to identify your brand & give it a unique identity.

2. Use Relevant Industry Hashtags


You might create your unique hashtag but it isn’t necessary that it will have the same reach as some of the usual hashtags have in the industry so it is necessary that you also use relevant hashtags to magnify your reach.

These hashtags will help you get more exposure & awareness to the relevant target audience. Also, if your brand is new or working at a small-scale, then these hashtags can prove to be hugely beneficial.

3. Hashtag Tracking & UGC Platform Tool

Hashtags have a global reach i.e. billions of users on different social platforms so it is quite impossible to know the impact of your hashtag campaigns.

Hashtag tracking tool can help you get insight into what are the trending hashtags & what content is being created around the relevant hashtags.

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Also, you can leverage a UGC platform to collect & curate all the amazing & valuable content around your branded hashtags or other relevant hashtags from different social media platforms into a single feed. It will also allow you to create UGC & hashtag marketing campaigns for different channels.

4. Add Gamification Tactics In Campaigns

Adding gamification tactics like contests, leaderboards, polls, quizzes, participation, challenges, content sharing, rewards, etc. to your campaigns along with hashtags can magnify your marketing impact.

Users love to get rewards and recognition and hashtags along with these will help in motivating the users to engage & interact more with your marketing campaigns and drive returns & growth for your brand.


Hashtags are a crucial element for social media, users and the brands thus you cannot afford to avoid the perfect use of these hashtags to magnify your marketing campaigns’ impact & results.

So these benefits along with the ways to leverage hashtags can help you create your unique hashtags marketing campaigns and attract profitable outcomes from it.