Email Marketing Made up in the Crisis Time, How About in the New Normal?

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“Amid the Unprecedented times, Email marketing has served companies to maintain the link with their customers and promote their offers.”

Business strategies and communication channels are the two significant elements of the marketing spectrum which have been transformed greatly amid the crisis period and continue to be exercised to date.  

Ever since masses were pushed to maintain social distancing physically, people started to take the best advantages of the internet and social media and found extensive ways to connect socially. 

And this gave business owners enormous opportunities to reach more people online. 


The unexpected different times have changed the consumer perception and behavior and transitioned their priorities as per the circumstantial stance. Nevertheless, the tried and tested strategy of email marketing led agile marketers to adjust their campaigns and strategize for the new normal.

Now the questions arise,

Why Email Marketing?
Are other marketing channels not working?
Is Social Media Marketing not effective?

Well, email is still one of the best options to provide necessary information to the target audience in a precise way, targeting new demographic segments of distinct mindset, buying patterns, financial circumstances, and much more.

Did you Know?

“The average Email open rate grew from 17.04% in February 2020 to 18.97% in March and the click rate laddered from 2.57% (Feb) to 2.72% (March).” source

Besides active online businesses, closed physical stores successfully leveraged email marketing to attract customers and promoted this communication medium to maintain the link with customers and clients with the intent to accelerate business sales and ROI.

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Email can be the Best in Times of Crisis

Normalcy has taken an altered turn and there arises the need to revamp the segments of email marketing. Know what all actions, if taken right, can help you accelerate your business sales and revenue, even in times of catastrophe. 

#Re-Evaluate Buyer Personas 

The good times were different and this unprecedented situation is also unique which has shifted consumer/customer priorities. Thus, this calls for analyzing again the buyer personas and determining the most preferred products a consumer desires to buy as per the demographics.

Brand promotions, offers, and other casual ways of attracting users won’t work unless your efforts and products/services are aligned to add value to them. 

‘Offer relevant and valuable data feed that’s timely, useful, and informative via emails.’

Let your Email be an uncommon one that describes how your brand can be the solitary one that can address their needs in prime time.

The context of emails that could work effectively are:

  • Problem-Solving
  • Solution-Based
  • Testimonial-Centric 
  • Educational
  • Promotional

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#Introspect your Ongoing Email Marketing Campaigns

Certainly, with time, business, and marketing strategies tend to change and after witnessing the tough times of the pandemic it becomes quintessential to analyze the effects and impacts of the current marketing campaigns.


Email open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, click-to-open rates are a few significant parameters that help to determine the success or failure of emails. Thus, one can dig deep into the loopholes of existing campaigns and can better reform new ones as per the needs and wants of the consumers.

There are various tools that can track and monitor your marketing campaigns

#Follow Diversification

Consumers have changed their mentality in the way of buying. And as they did throughout the confinement, they will continue to do so through online stores. 

The needs are not the same. For this reason, many businesses have chosen to diversify their lines of business.

As an example of success, we can mention the case of masks. Clothing brands in particular have opted for this new line of products, placing special emphasis on their communication through newsletters. 

Keep in mind the current needs of your audience in relation to your business and offer solutions adapted to today.

#Interact in a Personalized Way with the User

The way of interacting with customers changes radically. In the event that you adapt to the new situation, it does not mean that communication will get worse, but rather that the way of doing it is transformed. 


Email marketing becomes a great ally to enhance communication with your community. It is an ideal channel to discover the new way of thinking of consumers, through the results of the campaigns. 

Ask for their feedback to confirm that you are on the right track and make the modifications that you consider appropriate. 

Show closeness to them and if they really continue to purchase your products and services, it means that they trust you in any type of situation.

#Be Transparent & Communicate

Gaining Trust is a vital factor to attract customers and consumers in the marketing domain and this has become more significant after the Covid times. With emails, a brand can earn the trust of a business by showing care about them and assuring them to be with them in tough times altogether.

‘Be mindful of your present situation & empathize to be successful in the long run.’

Clear, genuine, and transparent communication via customized email content will build customer relationships and will let you widen it further, following all the genuine tricks of email marketing.

Bring out a bit transition in the ways of your work and direct all your efforts towards expanding your customer base and retaining your existing customers.

#Keep Up-to-Date with Data

Data is the key aspect around which the world of digitization revolves. So you must keep a track of your email marketing automation data in real-time. 


These insights will help you to identify the success and failure aspects of your running email campaigns and will allow you to optimize them as per your target audience. 

‘Automating marketing campaigns and segmenting and personalizing messages are some of the advantages of email marketing.’

Various analytics email marketing tools are available that keep a complete track of your email marketing data and lets you identify the loyal customers and leads that need more nurturing to make them ready to convert.

Automation has a primary role to play in such software tools where data insights extracted by them can also derive smart decisions like:

  • Time to send an email
  • Schedule an automated email
  • Type of content to avoid
  • Anticipate what customers want
  • And much more

Now that you know how to orient your email marketing campaigns to the new normal, it's time to get them rolling! 


An email has proven to be very successful for companies that implement it; both at the communication level and to boost web traffic. In terms of communication, this channel allows for the elaboration of qualitative and personalized communication that guarantees a better relationship and customer retention.

Automating the marketing campaigns of your business, reaching millions of recipients, and segmenting and personalizing the messages you send to them are some of the many advantages of email marketing. 

What are you waiting for to start enjoying them?