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Social Media has empowered the Consumer…

Ever since social media has managed to make a pivotal place in the lives of people, nobody can imagine a life without them. With just a few clicks, you’re near to the world. This is the power of social media.

Carrying heavy importance, how can we ignore the impact that social media reviews and ratings have on the customer of today. Gone are the times where advertising methods guided the consumer directly on its purchase decisions.

The digital users have empowered their will to consume and obtain real and reliable information on the quality of a product/service and want to know the exact valuations a brand predicts. 

But how is it done?
With the potential of Reviews, Ratings, and Feedback!

“A review is an evaluation of a product or service where the author rates its quality scrutinizing and assessing its relative aspects based on personal experiences. It is made up of a score (Rating) and contains a detailed description of the work received.”

The quality of a review is conditioned by the details it provides as well as the multimedia elements like images or videos.

Reviews, Recommendation, and Unboxing

When we talk about Reviews, in the broadest sense, it's any type of opinion or judgment a user makes based on the experience gained with the product/service, but as with all new services of the digital age, once it has been consolidated on the Internet, a review acquires different types.

Depending on the medium they are posted or the format they adopt they can be bifurcated into distinct types:


An original review is a classic assessment established generally with a score, normally through 5 stars or numbers from 1 to 10, depending on the platform where it’s valued. 

Google My Business incorporates a series of badges for those users who most frequently rate businesses on Google, thus, developing a higher rank of importance to those more detailed or higher quality ratings.



The recommendation can also be accompanied by a score but not necessarily. A user can recommend the services of a company without going into details. It is perhaps the simplest and lowest quality review for the user, although it can improve the overall score of a business.


In the case of unboxing, it is literally the effect of unpacking a product to show to the users in a detailed descriptive manner and highlight the essential aspects of its operation.

Powered by YouTube, unboxing has generated a multitude of channels and ‘YouTubers’ that have the trust of consumers and also brands, who offer articles directly to these ‘influencers’, as a part of Growth Hacking Strategy

SMM Strategies are Crucial, but Review Management is a ‘Must-Deal’ Aspect

Businesses nowadays, not only focus on posting content, instead, they have realigned their resources to better maximize their efforts. Trends are changing, data and analytics are gaining tractions, and smart decisions are being made.

In a general sense, Social Media activities involve:

  • Content development
  • Social media monitoring
  • Social media channel advertising
  • Analytics review
  • Blogger and influence reach 
  • Reputation & Review Management

Out of the above-mentioned, companies must have a geared focus on Online Reputation Management and Review Management to ensure that the fame of a product, brand, or company always corresponds to the image they project. 

When most of the world’s population is immensely active on social media platforms, social media reviews become incredibly significant for SMBs (small-medium businesses) to pave their path to success online.


Business reviews on social channels not only portray customer satisfaction that you have delivered to date but also affect your ranking on search engines. 

“The higher the reviews a business gains, the high the positioning it earns on SERPs.”

How do you do it?
By regularly engaging with your customer base.

It isn’t terribly tough unless genuine ways of business promotion and customer acquisition are followed to gain positive benefits in the form of pragmatic social media reviews that help to leverage your ability to reach potential new customers. 

Making Reviews your Social Media Strategy 

‘People Favourably Trust Social Media’ 

Social media reviews are incredible for a business to gain traction and procure users’ attention and vote of trust. 


A recent study on customer behavior on the internet and the attitudes of potential customers on reviews stated, 88% of people determine the quality of a company based on the reviews they find online, especially, on social networking channels.

With all the efforts being made on improving a brand’s presence and online reputation, making a striking impact on customers of your offerings is one of the important things to do. There are enormous ways to set things right and be a brand that actually reads reviews and uses that feedback to reshape your products/services.

How to Do it?

#Brick and mortar businesses can create interesting and engaging marketing pieces that encourage customers to review online, say stickers, signage, or printed messages on the bottom of your receipts of customer’s purchase.

#An online business can claim itself on popular review websites and can initiate from platforms of Google and Facebook.

#Be practical and respond to your reviews, whether good or bad. It gives users an indication that you are actively supporting them with the experiences they have had with the brand products.

#If you are not good at Review Management, find a program that can better manage your reviews and feedback for customer acquisition.

#Look upon Social Influencers as influencer marketing is estimated to deliver 11x more ROI than other marketing techniques.

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Social Influencers & Social Media Reviews: How are They Linked?

Even though both the concepts are different, they collaborate at the same line of business to expand a brand’s online visibility and change the entire game of marketing

It’s a fact now that people rely more on the opinion given by their peers and pals, or family members or anybody who understands the subject and have had some experience with it. And influencers relate closely to these categories.

That’s why associating influencers with the online business is recognized as a primary marketing tactic for widening the reach of a campaign to potential users and customers.

Social media influencers are probably the new voice on stage but potentially are one of the most valuable and are known for their digital presence and credibility with a target audience. 

Social Influencers:

-They are constant and consistent
-They know the art of audience interaction 
-They are super active on social networks
-They have gained a reputation and earned trust among their followers 
-They provide freshness which brands often lack
-Above all, they have given value and earned value, connecting deeply with the user

Social media influencers promote a brand as an ‘ultra review’ of sorts and can be used for:

  1. The launch of a product or service
    Influencers can impulse a new brand’s image and establish its strong impression, being the main leg of the brand awareness strategy 
  2. The launch of a fresh brand. 
    They can reshape the image of the brand and portray it as a fresh and different image in front of customers. A well-known influencer can do it effortlessly.
  3. To promote a segment/action of a brand
    Their audience targeting tactics are so effective that for eliminating specific loopholes they will give a boost to your campaign and skyrocket it.
  4. In events
    They are well-versed with influencing people and are perfect in publicizing an event, thus, being a part of it.

Influencer’s Campaigns are based on three concrete pillars that press its significance in the world of online marketing:

  • Create Original Content, 
  • Engagement with the Community
  • Generate Leads & Conversions

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