Affiliate Marketing in 2020 be Like?

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None of us in this materialistic world wouldn’t have ever missed to imagine earning money while making minimum or no efforts. Right? Do you agree?

While running in the rat race to earn a few bucks, frequent times even I have wondered to find an exceptional yet easy way to make money at any time, from anywhere- even while at sleep.

It was then when I came across knowing about Affiliate Marketing.

It is that popular technique that drives sales and derives significant online revenue, thereby, giving a new push to the conventional methods of marketing.

A Comprehensive View

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to generate income. It is a marketing structure in which all the parties involved make a profit. 

Affiliate programs are ways of marketing products or services on web pages that involve between three and four parties.

The Seller:
The person responsible for offering a product or service

The Affiliate:
The recommender responsible for promoting said product or service 

The Buyer:
The person who is in search of that product or service but who, in turn, is a follower of the affiliate and trusts what he recommends 

The Affiliate Platform/Program:
Intermediaries which encourages seller and affiliate to meet and helps them manage the operations between them.

Simply put, in this approach everyone Wins!


  • The salesperson gets recommendations from specialists and boosts their sales, effortlessly.
  • The affiliate receives commissions for each sale directed from his website.
  • The buyer gets the benefit of buying safely, seriously, and responsibly recommended products.
  • The platform receives a small portion of each operation (this small segment means thousands and thousands)

Types of Intermediaries:

To close our brief view of Affiliate Marketing, let’s get down to know about the intermediaries involved:

#Affiliate Programs (Not to confuse with affiliate platforms)

These are rules and conditions that the brands forge themselves so that the recommenders can offer their products/services.

An example may include- Amazon, Udemy, Airbnb. It is the same vendor that manages the operations.

#Affiliate Platforms

These are sites that allow many sellers to register their products and services so that recommenders can find them and offer them to their followers. The platform manages the operations between the two and encourages the meeting.

In return, you keep a small percentage of the sale.  Eg Clickbank, Tradetracker, etc.

#Ad Recommendation

These are programs like the well known Google Adsense.

The affiliate receives a code that when he enters his site, the search engine automatically advertises his clients’ ads, linked to the recommender’s content. I the reader clicks on them, the affiliate receives a commission and the program keeps a percentage of the operation.

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What does 2019 Leave Us as a Learning about Affiliate Marketing?

As each year closes, it is always good to review what it leaves us because, from this learning, the foundations for the strategy of the coming year must emerge. With this purpose, we will tell you the five fundamental points that we believe the year that left about affiliate marketing taught us:

1. SmartPhones 

More and more readers and buyers are accessing blogs, and therefore, affiliate links,  from their smartphones. This is important because the structure of affiliate programs or platforms must be thought based on it.

It will be useless if your reader trusts your recommendation and when he clicks, he cannot advance the purchase because the site is not compatible with mobile phones. The same applies to your site or blog if you want to perform well as an affiliate.

2. Alternative Channels

As you may know, affiliate marketing cannot only be done on a website. Social media and email marketing are also conducive channels. this all?

At this point, asking that question is crucial because if you get creative answers you can take your program and your monetization to another level. 

3. Sale in Large Volumes

There are more and more commercial proposals to promote massive and global sales for all types of products or services.

Do you know what we mean? Precisely to the long-awaited and appreciated Cyber Monday or Black Friday. These increasingly crowded business days are huge opportunities to boost your affiliate programs.

4. Reliable and close influencers

Influencers are no longer what they were, at least not all. Many have fallen into disrepute. That is why it is essential that, as a recommender, you are very careful with what you propose, always making serious offers, without suggesting anything that you would not buy for yourself. 

Those with the greatest confidence who can inspire and can best demonstrate their knowledge will be the ones who will push their programs higher.

5. Express content

More and more, WhatsApp statuses, Instagram stories or Facebook stories, take a greater percentage of the attention of readers and potential buyers. And this will surely continue to advance in this regard. 

Traditional content will continue to be essential, but it must be complemented with this other type of express information.

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Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2020

Now that we have made the most of what we learned in 2019, we must continue looking at what else could influence this type of web marketing, we are talking about the trends of the next year. Below I share the most important in our view:

1. Market players will continue to grow

The affiliate market has already shown us how it has managed to grow enormously in recent times and this will not stop, at least for now. Many other players similar to Clickbank will join the market and you should be very attentive to see what they offer and which one or which will be the best proposals for you.

2. Offers will be increasingly comprehensive

More and more recommenders will supplement their affiliate offers with their own info products. This can lead buyers to lean towards those who present the best, most varied, and complete proposal. 

For this reason, all those who want to be successful in this marketing system should think about incorporating their own products to their offer.

3. The leading role of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies

To growth that these types of coins have had will not stop. Cryptocurrencies or bitcoins are becoming the favorites of the affiliates who sell the most, the buyers who buy the most, and administrators of affiliate programs or platforms.

Therefore, getting closer to this world and learning about the possibilities, advantages, and disadvantages it offers, is essential to growing your program.

4.Increasingly expert affiliates

The recommenders or affiliates who have been using this modernization system for a long time, are more and more experts in it and this puts them at a clear commercial advantage. The so-called super-affiliates, advance with their programs by leaps and bounds and will not sound. 

It will be vital, then, to learn deeply about the programs and strategies, so as not to fall behind the competition.

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The Last Words

An affiliate program needs constant monitoring and attention. The point is that many other competitors in your situation are offering identical, similar, or even substitute products. 

Who will take the sales and laurels?

Those who find a way to differentiate themselves and make their strategies more effective than average. This is undoubtedly the key to affiliate marketing 2020.

Therefore, you should always monitor your program, both based on what has happened in recent months and what is expected to come in the next. The turn of the year is the excuse to start doing it, but remember that it is a constant work if you really want to become a super affiliate. 

Go ahead then, 2020 of successful affiliate program awaits you.