7 Digital Marketing Strategies every law firm should be using

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Digital Marketing Strategies

In today’s fast-paced digital world, Digital marketing has become the necessity of every law firm. The digital world is full of opportunities for all. But it's all on you, how you grasp the opportunities. Digital marketing allows you to target that customer which is specifically looking for the same kind of services you are offering. People use search engines to find out any best law firms in their locality by using keywords like “lawyers near me”. Just because of this, these days most of the law firms have started marketing at digital platforms. A higher number of competitors on the digital platform may tougher your way to earning more clients but that doesn’t mean there’s not a science to make smart digital moves. As Search engine results pages (SERPs) are getting wider and complex, Digital options are also increasing side by side. You just have to choose the right digital marketing strategy.  But it can be difficult to find out which digital marketing strategies your law firm should be using.
You need to make an affecting digital marketing strategy so as to stand out from the crowd on all digital platforms. We have put together our knowledge & experience of digital marketing strategies and sort out some important strategies which should be used by all law firms. These strategies are given below:-

1. Build a Strong website:

So as to compete in the legal world, you must build a strong website for your law firm. The website is like a foundation of any digital marketing effort If your first effort is not strong enough. Then it would be tough for you to survive on digital platforms. Your website is the place where your clients will get basic information about your services. That's why your website should reflect accurate details about your services and practices, for example, if you are a divorce lawyer, then you must write all the details related to this specific field on your website.

You can add on some more services on your website, like offering a free consultation (just basic answers of common questions in your field). Such kind of additional services builds your reputation as a reliable authority on legal issues. It also increases your potential to lead clients to your door. You should focus on the following aspects while creating a website .

  • Your website should load quickly.
  • The website should be mobile-friendly.
  • A well-designed website with a great content
  • The website should work across any device

2. Provide valuable content:-

Your website must contain valuable and authentic content. The law firm basically exists to provide the best bits of advice on legal matters. You have to post the content or create blogs which are related to the people with common questions, for example, if anyone is looking for any divorce lawyers, then you have to create posts like “why you should hire a divorce lawyer” or “Things to consider while hiring any divorce lawyer”. This way potential clients search for the same information online – will help direct people to your site. The website or any social media page should be updated with the latest information. You use most demanded and common keywords while making any blogs or posts. This will help to boost SEO and to rank your website.

3. Utilize SEO effectively:

SEO stands for Search engine optimization. It is the process of using words and strategies to rank your website in search engine result pages. SEO always works like wonder for all law firms. You have to follow some practices like:-

*Targeting local keywords:-

You have to use some common keywords, which are used by most people while searching for any law firm, for example, Use local keywords like “lawyers near me ''.Such keywords will help you to be shown in searches made by local people. This will increase your visibility and also attract new clients.

*Categorize your website:-

Categorizing your website makes it easier for visitors to find out that particular page, which is related to that legal matter your clients are looking for.
*Optimizing your pages:-

Optimization of your website pages is the most important part of SEO. By optimizing each page of the website will help search engines to load your page more easily and will allow you to compete with your local competitors. Optimization includes a variety of different factors like images, text, video, HTML tags, and more.

4. Use social media Marketing:-

These days’ social media is the most powerful influencer for trust-based advertising. As you know, everyone does use social media even your clients too. So you must create a professional profile on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms to attract clients through social media.

The best advantage of social media is that it creates a direct and strong relationship with clients. Social media offers you to interact with clients. You can respond to your clients through direct messaging, comments, and other possibilities.

It makes sure you’re accessible to your customer base. People also prefer more to those firms, where there is no communication gap with clients. So always try to be more accessible for customers and resolve their queries in the meantime.

5. Get Reviews:-

It has been observed that reviews play a very important role in influencing people. Good reviews create your firm's reputation. People always read reviews first before choosing any firm. Also keep this in mind that reviews can make or break a firm. Reviews are just like word of mouth in the digital world. Any reviews for your website, on your Google profile, on Facebook, and on industry websites helps you a lot in business development. 
But do not expect that people themselves write a review on your web page. You have to request them to write it during in-person meetings or text them the link of your Google page.

6. Get high-Quality links: -

Getting quality links is a technical and deep concept of SEO. Basically, link building is linking a high ranking website to your new build website. The reason behind doing this, it gives a kind of signal to all search engines that your website offers very valuable information.

But it's not easy to build links. You need to spend time building relationships and sometimes you have to possibly do any monetary investment too. But once you will get good and high-quality links, your website will get ranked among the top websites of law firms and leads to more clients.

7. Engage in email marketing:-

Maybe you will get shocked by knowing this; email marketing has the Highest ROI among all the digital marketing tactics. Law firms can use this strategy too, you just have to create a web page that asks for an email address or you can ask your clients to subscribe to your website. You can also offer people free e-books related to any specific field in exchange for their email address. Once you get the email address, you can send them promotional emails with informative knowledge. This will keep you engaged with your clients and will definitely lead to customer creation.

These 7 are the most prioritize digital marketing strategies that you can use for your law firm to boost your business website. These strategies will definitely improve your website authority and grow your customer base.