2020 Video Marketing Trends Winning Market’s Attention

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Video Marketing

It’s amazing, and strange at the same time, how quickly things can change in just a year and two, and when we entered the year 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic enforced a new normal on the population.

New habits, transitioned behaviors, changed buying patterns, new media consumption trends, all of these were closely witnessed that impacted the marketer’s playbook heavily.

Every person on the Earth was forced to change their habits which also led to the digital shifts in video consumption. Certainly, we all can relate.

“Videos are Memorable, Popular, and Visually Arresting!”

We all recognize how significant a video is in our lives today. It’s a well-documented format that sets itself apart from any other form of content and engages users more intensely than even the most well-written text. Isn’t it?


Without any traces of doubt, video marketing was and is an integral part of top-performing companies’ marketing strategies where during the unprecedented time of the crisis many small-big businesses laid video as their foundation to stay competitive and drive business growth.

Considering the monumental growth of online video content, even Mark Zuckerberg believes that video is a crucial part of our future. 

  • By 2022, online videos are predicted to make up more than 82% of wide-expanding consumer internet traffic.
  • A Facebook personnel astoundedly predicts that their platform is soon(by 2021) going to be transformed into a video platform with no text.
  • The maximum percentage, around 75%,  of video plays are performed on mobile devices
  • 45% of Twitter users want celebrities to upload video content rather than any other form.
  • LinkedIn reports 50% user view rates on their platform via running video campaigns.
  • YouTube video supersedes with over 5 Billion views every day.
  • If the hurdles of time, resources, and budget are cleared, 83% of marketers are ready to implement video as an effective marketing strategy, right there.
  • Videos drive more than 300% more traffic and positively impacts on lead nurturing.


# Live Streaming

Live videos arise a unique feeling in users when you speak directly to them in a real-time environment. It is more in-person which helps in making a deep connection between brands and users/customers.

This feeling of closeness encourages engagement where the face to face interaction makes a customer or user raise his expectations of queries to be answered instantly and promptly.

Many brand platforms have embedded the functionality oriented to live videos, say Instagram Live, Facebook Live, or  YouTube Live, and now recently LinkedIn.

Many enterprises have put them to use to publicize:

  • Webinars
  • Demos
  • Interviews
  • New Products
  • Live Visits
  • And more

A simple and free format of Live Videos needs no editing or post-production work 

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# Video Vlogging

Vlogging is something we can commonly see on YouTube and is one of the common video formats used today. 

It is another method to bring users and customers closer to your brand as, through it, you can show your products/services/offerings in a more human way which in turn makes better user connections.


People online want to see things as they are, original, raw, and live whether its a product launch or they are behind the scenes, they want to relate it to real-life and know the real value first in place.

A famous Vlogger and entrepreneur from the United States, Gary Vaynerchuk, has a YouTube channel having two million followers.

# IGTV and Vertical Videos 

Undoubtedly, a person possessing a smartphone spends a considerable amount of time on it in comparison with other smart devices. Thus, this seems logical to produce video content in portrait format.

These forms can popularly be seen over Instagram and Snapchat in the form of stories and IGTV (Instagram Television).

IGTV is an Instagram app functionality that allows a user to upload vertical videos, occupying a time duration between 15 to 60 minutes on its social network. Moreover, it also offers companies the possibility of doing the same as with a YouTube channel, but in a vertical format. 

[It can be a great ally for influencers.]

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# 360-degree Virtual Reality

The videos 360 makes users consume content in a very immersive, interactive, and real way. It is being used more and more in video marketing strategies and this year it will grow even more. 

This type of format is especially interesting for the travel or events sectors. A great example of the use of these 360º videos is National Geographic.

# Increase in Augmented Reality Campaigns

Now video campaigns on social media can incorporate augmented reality technology, and this will improve the user experience with your ads and surely a higher CTR(Click Through Rate).

With augmented reality campaigns, your potential customers will surely be able to try on items virtually or preview what certain household items would look like at home, in order to generate sales much faster. 

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# Mobile Advertising Continues to Increase (video ads)

Video ads have been shown to be cheaper and more engaging. Therefore, it is very likely that companies will begin to bet on this format and by advertising on more video-oriented platforms. Therefore, many of the company's resources will be used for the production of videos to advertise.  

# High Focus on UGC (user-generated content)

Users tend to trust the opinions of other users more than their own brands, so this is an indicator that we could encourage our communities to produce content and generate engagement within our own communities. In addition, this will not involve any type of investment. 

Social sharing plays an important role and this is what leverages user-created content and if you find some valuable content generated by users, share it on social networks then and there to increase visibility and enhance engagement.  

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The “ unboxing ” or “ reviews ” videos of your products are widely accepted by users in the communities themselves, as they allow them to obtain an objective view of the item that they are probably considering buying. 

It has been more explained and has been enabled and disabled.